NIOS D.El.Ed 1st Semester Result 2018 Absent Probelm

(Samir Mandal) #1

On 31st August 2018 NIOS published the D.El.Ed Exam Result 2018 for Untrained School Service Teachers. This result for the 1st Semester. The result of subject code - 501, 502 & 503 published. Total marks is 300.

When the Result published, many candidates checked their result, but they showing AB (Absent) on their online result sheet. Many candidates in India, who seated for all subjects exam, they noticed Absent Result on their 502 or 503 or on both the subjects.

Don’t worry this is the technical problem of NIOS website and they will fix it soon. There will be some error on the NIOS DElEd website, for that reason it’s showing Absent or SYCT at the Result Option.

Wait till Tuesday, your result will be updated and you will get a fresh result for your NIOS D.El.Ed 1st Semester exam.

(WebExam Support) #2

Candidates who faced this Absent Probelm on their NIOS D.El.Ed 1st Semester Result, can also send an email at,, informing the problem. Mention the Enrolment Number and Reference Number on the Email.